Application examples

Application description of our special rubber roller cleaner WR1

Our WR1 is a roller cleaner of the newest generation and based on biological products. Roller Cleaner WR1 cleans and regenerates rubber rollers of printer stations, laser/ matrix printers, copiers, transport/ sorting units, fax machines, scanners and bank machines (cash dispensing, counting and sorting machines). Roller Cleaner WR1 cleans the surface of paper dust, color products such as toner, etc., and grease deposits. In addition, our Roller Cleaner WR1 can be used to easily remove ink residues from dot matrix print heads.

CESB Roller Cleaner WR1 is easy to use and does not attack skin and PP/PE materials.

Instructions for use

Apply the Special Rubber Roller Cleaner WR 1 with our Cleaning Cloth RT2 to the rollers / platen that you can reach manually. For cassette devices such as laser / inkjet / copiers / scanners, simply use our cleaning sheet RB 1, as you usually cannot reach the inner rollers manually. Proceed according to the instructions for the cleaning sheet. Allow the WR1 to work for a short time. If necessary, rub the rubber surfaces dry with the cleaning cloth RT2 or use our cleaning sheet RB 1.

Application area

A large number of technicians and service teams use our product for daily cleaning and maintenance in the printer, copier and scanner environment. Due to its very good cleaning effect and skin-friendly materials, our roller cleaner WR1 is appreciated by many technicians because a long-term use is unprobematic.